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Food is more than just a feast for the senses. We firmly believe in the principle: There is no good food without good products. As a catering and food stall, we see it as our responsibility to provide people with healthy, nutritious and ecologically sound food. And beyond that: sustainably grown, regional and seasonal products simply taste better! We are convinced that taste and knowledge about the origin of food can keep its necessary appreciation alive. And thus also the valuing of the producers who stand behind it.

We think outside the box. Through our cuisine we would like to support an eco-friendly, resource-saving agriculture. We are inspired by movements such as Slow Food, Community Supported Agriculture, Permaculture, Foodsharing, Zero Waste, Do it Yourself and many more. We are always working to integrate these intentions and ideals into our planning and everyday work. Even if we have realized that we cannot do everything at once, we set goals and work in a process. We learn every day and look confidently into the future!

Let yourself be pampered! A noble five-course menu with plate service, a fortifying lunch snack for the shooting break, colourful finger food, a barbecue party with delicious side dishes and salads, a tempting brunch buffet – we provide the right catering for every occasion. With joy and creativity we design the appropriate menu for every event, taking into account individual wishes and eating habits. In recent years, we have been able to gain a great deal of experience in the planning and implementation of a wide range of formats. If desired, we can also take care of drinks, rental dishes, decoration and service and make your event a very special culinary experience!

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Among our happy customers are

We love movement. When we set up our mobile, professionally equipped kitchen on a former airfield in Brandenburg, or in the middle of the mountainous Sauerland, we seduce our guests with lovingly decorated tartelettes, freshly prepared soups and still oven-warm vegan quiches on colorful salad plates. Because at festivals we see food as a pleasure experience just as much as at a wedding or a family dinner.

During our festival tour in summer 2019, our stops were:

Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival
Wald Healing
Antaris Festival
Katzensprung Festival
Voov Festival
Fuchsbau Festival
entropie Festival (als Crew & Artist Catering)

After this successful start, we are now looking to the future and are already planning the festival season 2020, sparking with ideas and constantly looking for new challenges. Whether as a regular food stand, crew and/or artist catering – we are always looking forward to further inquiries!

Of course our kitchen equipment and experience is available for other formats such as weddings, barbecues or open air events of all kinds. We can set up our fully equipped mobile modular kitchen under a weatherproof 5 x 6 meter pavilion or for smaller or shorter events we can also use one of our 3 x 3 meter folding pavilions. Just contact us!

We want more. What motivated us to launch the La Vie en Toast project a few years ago went beyond the fun of cooking together. Through friendly art, culture and party collectives we started to participate in various non-commercial events. In doing so, we think beyond the boundaries of conventional catering and also get involved conceptually.

Our aim is not only to provide culinary support for an event, but also to understand food as an independent component – and finally to ask whether food can be understood and used as an art medium. As far as our calendar allows, we will continue to devote ourselves to projects that go beyond a classical understanding of food. We always remain open for new adventures outside the conventional framework and look forward to your inquiry!

We are holding so far:

Theater und Tapas 1 & 2

The name says it all: seven 15-minute performances by groups of artists from various fields, plus eight thematically coordinated courses during the breaks. A collaboration with the two directors Viviana Medina and Lara Tacke from the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch.

1. Postapokalypse (2017)

2. School of Morals (2018)

Europa 18 (2018)

What does Europe actually taste like? In November 2018, as part of the art event EUROPA 18, we have come up with something very special to commemorate the end of the First World War: a vegan concept buffet, an edible exhibition, a culinary journey through European history and present. The principle: 9 stations, 9 concepts of Europe, 9 different appetizers and their accompanying texts (download .pdf).

Brutto - The Breakfast Discounter (2019)

In keeping with the artistic and political aspirations of the Fuchsbau Festival, we have made our contribution to this year's theme "Supermarket" in cooperation with the makers. Parallel to our regular food stall we offered a breakfast stand for the guests, which was designed as an interactive installation. Through the targeted staging of the buffet and the "employees", decoration, sound (click to listen!) and performance, we created a slightly absurd, exaggerated "supermarket" atmosphere. Stimulus satiation, illusion, surveillance, alienation and waste are some of the concepts we have allowed ourselves to play with.

Looking for catering for a company or Christmas party? For a private dinner, a wedding, a film shoot or a thesis defense? We have gained experience with the most diverse formats and would be happy to create a non-binding offer with suitable, personalized menu suggestions. Please let us know your wishes or ideas! Of course, we can also provide drinks and service on site or organise glasses and crockery if required.

info [at] lavieentoast [punkt] de

If you write to us, it would be helpful if you could address the following points:

Key data
When and where will the event take place?

Type of event
Private, business or public?

What kind of catering should it be?
Finger food, flying menu, set menu, cold or warm buffet?

Number of persons
How many guests are expected?

Budget (optional)
How much may it cost per guest or total?

Shall we provide glasses and crockery too? Service personnel? Drinks? Decoration/flowers?

Of course you can also ask us for a food stall for a festival or an open air event – as well as for further questions, formats and concepts in general!

info [at] lavieentoast [punkt] de

We look forward to it! The Toasties.

Die Toasties

La Vie en Toast

Lorenz, Marxhausen, Quint GbR
Graefestr. 50 | 10967 Berlin
info [at] lavieentoast [punkt] de

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